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The solution that works with and for tutors and teachers

Assessment21, developed to handle complex question types and higher learning levels, recognises the role of the human assessor in making the final judgements about a students' performance. It gives academics the best of both worlds - automating routine processes and providing instant feedback while fully supporting pedagogy.

  • Assessment21 reduces the time spent on routine marking, allowing you to spend more time teaching
  • HCC (Human Computer Collaboration) keeps the tutor in the loop and fully in control of the final outcome
  • The authoring tool makes questions easy to set and to modify
  • Offers support for complex, multiple format questions, including constructed answer, mathematical and diagrammatic
  • Can be used for ongoing coursework (formative) as well as summative assessments, with immediate automated marking and open book exams
  • Provides a fast, accurate picture of students' knowledge and skills
  • Multiple marking approaches are accommodated
  • Marking is done off line on any computer - no paper to carry or handle
  • A natural extension of e-learning for the modern IT literate student
  • An assessment method that is in line with modern teaching methods
  • Actively promotes learning, aids motivation and increases student retention
  • Robust security systems provide efficent detection of plagiarism and cheating

It's already passed the test
Assessment 21 has to date been used by over 3,000 students in six different disciplines, who have taken over 300 assessments.

arrow_down Marking is up to 10 times faster
Assessment21 provides a whole range of marking options. Even in its most straightforward mode, where all answers to a question are displayed on screen simultaneously, marking is around three times faster than traditional pen and paper methods, and it can be as much as ten times faster.

arrow_down Reviews and changes
Assessment21 allows users to review a marking scheme and, if necessary, change marks for questions already marked.

arrow_down Powerful marking tools
Functions for checking for consistency, plagiarism or spotting common misunderstandings by students.





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