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Assessment for learning, not just of learning

Assessment21 offers students and learners an assessment method perfectly attuned to the way they learn, on screen and online rather than on paper.

  • Assessment21 provides faster marking and feedback, actively helping students learn more quickly
  • Clear screen design allows students to concentrate on questions and their answers rather than mode of delivery
  • The opportunity to reflect and review before submitting answers can improve results
  • Assessment takes place in a familiar electronic environment, key strokes not pen strokes
  • Students say they feel they are judged on content and knowledge, not writing ability
  • The assessment method that is in line with modern learning methods
  • Online delivery makes assessment accessible to all
  • Can actively promote learning and aid motivation
  • Assessment21's Human Computer Collaboration improves the accuracy and objectivity of marking
 A familiar environment
Students have already experienced e-learning as far back as primary school, so Assessment21 provides them with a familiar environment in which to be examined.

arrow_down Timely feedback, better learning
Faster, tailored feedback promotes learning by giving students a real time view of their level of knowledge and skills.




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