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An e-assessment solution as intelligent as your students

Assessment21 was expressly developed to handle the marking of more complex questions that require constructed answers and the testing of higher order skills required within Higher Education.

It means that institutions can now make e-assessment part of their examination process and fully benefit from the significant time and cost savings, confident in the knowledge that pedagogic standards are maintained.

  • A 'ready-made' system that easily adapts to your requirements
  • Easy to install and run on any system
  • Minimal staff training required - typically less than an hour
  • Handles virtually any question type from essay to multiple choice
  • Use for both formative and summative assessments
  • Reduces time spent on routine tasks by highly paid academics
  • Significant cost savings can be achieved
  • A natural extension of the e-learning environment
  • Actively promotes learning, aids motivation and increases student retention
  • Delivered online for distance learning, in-work assessments and multiple exam sites
  • Works on almost any computer or laptop and in Windows, Apple or Linux
 It's already passed the test
Assessment 21 has to date been used by over 3,000 students in six different disciplines, who have taken over 300 assessments.

arrow_down 400% gains in productivity
When looking at time spent by markers, the introduction of Assessment21 can lead to productivity gains of 400% or more - depending on the assessmnet type and marking process used.

arrow_down Flexible, versatile
Assessment21 fits into virtually any educational administrative and teaching system, and can handle both continuous assessments and high stakes summative examinations.





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